About us

We feel and call ourselves “The Progressives”.

In OnlyNews, we aggregate news from, free RSS feeds only, all over the world on a regular basis. We update the headlines and all other news content at regular intervals from all the highest level and most trusted news media. You can find all your news interests in one place, from around the world.

The next thing is we have a blog section as well, You can find this in the blog link. We do blog very limited but always bring “The Unfocuseds” in our content. You may ask, who are “The Unfocuseds”? Well, to answer this question, you have to look at things from perspective views. As you know that all actions are there due to the need for it. That means if someone is killing people and you are condemning this, then we have two different interests perspectives to consider. One for the killer, and the other for you, the condemning.

Now, to make an (in our perspective) correct outlook, judgment and viewpoint, and decision, we must look into all the perspectives and filter them through our perspective to reach a conclusion. Now, when we are filtering an action through our own perspective, we automatically take sides. Because we are bound to take sides, but after being mentally satisfied. This satisfaction comes through the perspective that we own.

This severely affects our future and the future of the next generations. The poor and biased the perspective is, the poor the future of us will be.

In our perspective “The good for a human civilization” is fixed, absolute, and can be easily calculated. Any deviation from that we will describe as biased and unjust.

Now come back to the previous example where someone killed someone and you are protesting. As per common perspective, you have two options, one is to take a side and sympathize with the killer, and the other is to protest against the killer and demand punishment. But as per our point of view, you need to look at all the angles before choosing sides. You should not follow blindly the justification of killing, you should not blindly go against the killing. As we described, you have to take for granted “The good for a human civilization” and decide strongly logically about the killing, if you then come out with a third option, then follow it with justification.