“Black Lives Matter” is a non-inclusive slogan, to begin with! Well, because it does not include black lives to non-black lives, rather, tries to give a separate identity to it, to take leverage, to take advantage, or to take political agenda to next level?

In an essence, “Black Lives Matter” just targets a specific community, as clear from the construct of the slogan. But why? This is a billion-dollar question, but very easy to answer. The people behind this agenda, simply want the black community to unite against… but against whom?

They want the blacks to unite against the targets, the targets which are against their interests!! Sometimes it’s the “White Supremacy”, sometimes it is “Madman Trump”, sometimes it is against the low popularity of any political or social group. That is why some people carefully just do not want to include the blacks with the rest of the people and thus giving adequate honor to the concept of “All wo/men are born equal”.

How the Black Lives Matter movement evolved?

To answer this question, we need to go to the origin of this “Black Lives Matter” concept. The concept at the very first time brewed from the black community itself when there was rampant racism and social exploitation against the black communities. The slogan was absolutely right in that context then.

But, when people from outside the communities picked up the same for sake of the black community, it was not the protest of the exploited anymore but became a calculated movement by the social elites.

And it is still separated the blacks from the rest and never tried to bring equality and they never forced to demolish the difference. Rather they found that the “Black Lives Matter” movement is good for uniting black people and this clustering of people by skin color could be used as a tool for politics or other reasons. And thus, “All Lives Matter” was never a reality but “Black Lives Matter” gained more momentum along the time.

That means, “Black Lives Matter” is not for sake of blacks, it is being used for gaining blind emotional support of a sphere of the population. That is why nobody called for civil rights, everybody was ready to call it “Black Rights”.

The human perspective

Every single life matters. All Black lives, white lives, police lives, jurist lives, all lives are equally important. Because we all are humans, all people should get equal treatment as human beings.

All Lives Matter if every life is equally important. The black lives matter movement is racist by itself, excluding the lives of other people.

It is like calling a call for racism by racists.

“Black Lives Matter” organizations heavily imply only black lives. All Lives Matter is the only path to get rid of that.

Yes, I agree black lives do matter because All Lives Matter.

All Lives Matter is a slogan that aims to demand justice for all without any discrimination. If the fight is for equality, then we should fight for the lives of all colors, not only one of them. If the people get divided by the “color of lives matter” then people who put one color ahead of the other are racist.

The Black Lives Matter movement began in 2013, a movement against white supremacy, violations, and police brutality towards black people. Trayvon Martin, a 17-year-old African American shot by a police officer, later police officer got an acquittal.

After this incident, the hashtag #blacklivesmatter spread all over the internet and social media. Further, the anger and concern about racism toward black people got fueled after a policeman killed George Floyd, a black man putting a knee on his neck.

George Floyd and Ashli Babbitt – The difference in skin color

George Floyd was later revealed to be in a criminal career, served in prison, accused of drug dealing, he was accused of paying counterfeit bills in a store on the occasion when the “police brutality killed him”. But he is a worldwide hero of “Black Lives Matter” only because of his skin color.

On a different incident, Ashli Babbitt was killed by the same police force while protesting against the election fraud in the capital city. She was white, died of “police brutality”, wife of an army veteran, and a small business owner. But nobody knows of any protest that took place with the “White Lives Matter” agenda.

In a neutral and unbiased way, it can be said that there should be trials for both the incidents and the world should be rocked in the same way as well. But that did not happen.

The Black Lives Matter movement was used to be a healthy movement but is now used to promote propaganda and creates more enmity among black and white people.

Some statistics

Nobody is supporting police brutality or denying the injustice toward black lives. Every year plenty of other races are also killed by police encounters. Black people are not the only victims of police brutality; other races of color also face this.

According to statistics published by Statista, in 2020, 457 white people were shot to death by police greater than 249 black, 169 Hispanics, and 28 belong to other races.

Police brutality is wrong no matter which color got killed more.

It is statistically revealed that black people are the highest in the number of victims of police violence, but they are still the minority of people killed by police in 2020. We cannot ignore other races by making gun violence primarily black lives issue. We should be more concerned about civilians killed by gun violence, not a particular race because All Lives Matter.

You never see riots when a white Asian or Hispanic gets killed by police brutality. Yes, black lives do matter; Asian lives, native American lives, Mexican lives are equally important.

According to a report black on black crimes are more than white on black.

According to research; conducted by Charles Menifield at Rutgers University Newark, black officers kill black suspects ten times more than white officers do. This report concludes that the killing of black is not white police brutality; it is police brutality. Dividing the crime according to race is racism. Crime is not a racial issue.

Like in many apples, few apples may turn out bad, among over 10 lakh sworn police officers nationwide; there are bound to be some bad.

Some may be innocent; their lives also matter as anybody else does.

What could be the right approach?

Many notable peoples are in support of All Lives Matter disregarded only black lives.

Mohammad Ali Jr., son of a famous boxer Muhammad Ali called the BLM movement not only racist but also a communist.

Tim Scott, South Carolina Senator, also supported all lives matter and said that it is not his problem that BLM protesters find the phrase, All Lives Matter offensive. He further said that all lives matter- black lives, white lives, police lives, jurist lives, all of our lives do matter.

Richard Sherman also supported the phrase all lives matter and said, I stand by what I said that all lives matter and we are human beings. I want African Americans and everybody else treated to be human beings. He further said that We do not want to kill innocent police officers by racists.

All Lives Matter is also supported by a few musicians. Pereira sang, “All lives matter to the great” American Rapper XXXTentacion was also criticized for supporting All Lives Matter in his music video “Look At Me ”.

Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton faced backlash after supporting the phrase all lives matter in Missouri in 2015. Randal Howard Paul, US senator, said that BLM focused on the wrong targets. I think they should change their name to all lives matter or innocent lives matter.

Many of these supporters were later criticize by BLM proponents and called racist.

“Black Lives Matter” is communal and racist itself. They give more importance to the lives of only black people, are other lives do not matter or do not exist until black lives matter. It is agreeable that black lives do matter because all lives do matter.

The “Black Lives Matter” movement is only spreading hatred between white and black people. And this became greatly exposed while the US presidential election in 2021! They are indirectly promoting killing white people or cops to protect black. Hatred if spreads, then it is obvious that the crime will spawn out of the hatred. If every life matters, we should take a stand for all of them. We can not secure justice by killing other people.

We should fight against crimes in all lives rather than focusing on one. Ignoring the cries of other races is racism. We should fight against gun violence altogether.

The Conclusion

Racist organizations like BLM favor one race over another, as same as “White Supremacy” favors only the white skins. They are just the mirror image of one another, the same concept, same hatred, same violent desire of social dominance. You can not discriminate against people of color. Each individual of the hue of skin colorization matters, because All Lives Matter. All Lives Matter includes all humans and non-human lives, which are equally important. Those who develop phrases like <colored> lives matter are themselves racist.

Supporting such racial concepts will not lead us anywhere but to an eternal social division, creating an easy fishing pond for some opportunists.